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Medium (50%)Our Weekly ScheduleNo

​Cathedral Weekly Schedule

The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Isaiah 45: 1, 4 - 6

1 Thessalonians 1: 1 - 5B

Matthew 22: 15 - 21

Please help us to stay connected to you during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Take a few monents to update your contact information online! 


Here is what is happening this week!

Daily Mass Schedule:  Monday - Friday at 11:45 am.  Mass Monday through Friday are open to the public, and will also be live streamed. 

Private Prayer Schedule:

The church will be open for private prayer Monday through Thursday from 10 until 3.  The church will close for  deep cleaning on Friday following daily Mass.   


Confessions will take place on Saturday at 11:00 until finished in the social hall. 

Weekend Masses: 

Saturday at 4:30 pm & Sunday at 8:30 am & 11:00 am only!  The only live streamed Mass this weekend is the 4:30 Saturday Mass!  It will be available all weekend!

Small (25%)Diocesan Political Campaign Activities PolicyNo

Diocese of Greensburg

Political Campaign Activities Policy

(updated Oct. 6, 2020)

With the November 3, 2020, general elections approaching, this is a reminder to parishes about voter guides and what is permitted and not permitted during the campaign season. I would like to draw your attention to the policy on diocesan e-mail stated below. Also, this activities policy applies to homilies or bulletin articles in which candidates or political parties are endorsed from the pulpit because of a single issue.

A Pennsylvania Catholic Conference (PCC)-approved voter guide will be provided by the diocese prior to the election that will include information about the races for U.S. President and the Pennsylvania General Assembly (House and Senate) contests in districts within the Diocese of Greensburg. The voter guide material will be made available to the parishes and posted to the diocesan website.

To read the full document please click here.

For the PCC State Legislative Guide click here.

For the PCC Presidential Comparison click here

Small (25%)Mass Intentions for 2021 are being acceptedNo

​ Mass Intention Forms 

for 2021 

are being accepted

We are accepting Mass Intention forms for the next calendar year.  Please note that we are only accpeting 1 form per household until the new year to give everyone a chance to submit a form.  You can download the form, print it out, and complete it.  You can either mail it with the suggested donation or drop it off to the parish office!

Click here to download the form!

Thank you!

Small (25%)Clearance Renewals Needed for Volunteers!No

Attention Volunteers!

It has been 5 years since we first collected clearances for each of our volunteers.  That means that it is time for you to renew your clearances if you haven't already done so.  Any volunteer 18 or over needs to complete clearances and keep them up to date.  Even though we most of our groups are not meeting right now, we still need you to update so that you can participate when groups start up again.  

If you have any questions please contact Linda in the parish office at: 724-834-3710 ext. 23 or email Linda

To complete your clearances, please visit the diocesan website for youth protection.  The link provided will give all the information and links you need to complete your clearances.

Thank you!

Small (25%)BSC on Social MediaNo

​As we go through this challenging time, Blessed Sacrament Cathedral will be streaming Daily Mass Monday through Friday.  Weekend Masses will also be streamed.  We hope you will join us!
To pray the Mass along with us live, visit our Facebook page at 11:45 am! Click here for that link! 

Don't have Facebook?  No problem!

You can view the Mass daily on our YouTube Channel!  Daily Mass will be available by 1:00 each day.  Click here for the YouTube link!

Small (25%)Mass ScheduleNo
To get the daily readings you can see the USCCB website.
Daily *
M-F: 11:45 am
Mass will be open to the public on Monday through Friday, and will continue to be live streamed.

Weekend *
Saturday: 4:30 p.m.
Sunday: 18:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

Holy Day Vigil *
Please see the bulletin for Holy Day Mass times. 
Reconciliation *
Saturday: 11:00 a.m.
and will take place is the social hall

* Please wear a mask at any time in the Church and stay socially distant from others.  
*Daily Mass and Reconciliation times are subject to change.  To see this week's schedule check out our calendar or this week's bulletin
Small (25%)Parish AppNo
We have a NEW PARISH APP! To download our new app click on the links below from your smartphone or tablet.  Follow the directions to download the app.  When opening the app for the first time, you will be asked to choose your parish.  You can search for "Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Greensburg, PA", hit select parish, and then confirm that you want to set this as your parish.

For Google Play Store:

app picture.jpg

For Apple Store:

app picture.jpg

Click here to download and learn more​​ about the BSC Parish Smartphone App.
Start Time
Daily Mass10/20/2020 11:45 AMChurch
Daily Mass10/21/2020 11:45 AMChurch
Daily Mass10/22/2020 11:45 AMChurch
Daily Mass10/23/2020 11:45 AMChurch
Catholic Men's Fellowship Meeting10/24/2020 6:45 AMZoom Meeting